Stefan Gevers

Stefan Gevers

Stefan takes a contemporary approach to working with watercolour on paper. His interest in the natural environment and delicate shifting patterns in nature are often a starting point for paintings in acrylic and watercolour. The form and textures of the landscape are ultimately reduced to a few but exact colour planes. "Many perceive Watercolour as a traditional art form that may restrict growth, individuality, and adaptability. While tradition can bring comfort, it can also lead to repetition, mediocre work, and limit our freedom to be creative. But when we embrace contemporary thinking, we become more stimulated and follow our passion without compromise. This enables us to create work that is an authentic extension of our own unique selves" Stefan’s work has been collected by the Victorian & Queensland State Libraries, Banyule Council, Artbank and the NAB collection, Peter mMcCallum and numerous private collections throughout Australia and Europe. He has been awarded the Yerring Station Sculpture prize & the Banyule Art Prize "environment Award and Best work on paper Camberwell Art Prize. Stefan: "Before I begin any work I have a strong sense of a colour I want to explore. This gives the work a sense of mood and direction during the creative process as it develops. Much of my work, is about movement and the passage of time, both the movement of the earth in general and of us moving in our lives. I am inspired by timing, repetition and movement and the inherent patterns within that. While the painting is abstract, it refers to the landscape and retains a strong figurative link and a defined horizon line. I want my work to make an impact that is more than canvas and paint alone and hope this draws people in, so they can pause and are encouraged to look and reflect where they are in time and place in their own lives." Stefan exhibits widely as a solo artist and as part of collaborative exhibitions. + Read More

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