Simone Piccioni

Simone Piccioni

“The only time I feel alive is when I paint.” Van Gogh said it, but this is a phrase that is well associated with the philosophy of Simone. In 2005 he began to professionally exhibit his art to the world. He quickly became one of the premiere figurative Roman artists thanks to his evocative paintings of his hometown city of Rome. As the renowned Italian artist Paolo Giorgi describes his landscapes, “a totemic sun illuminates by slanting cuts, or blazes up to crumbling distances or dazzling dense scrub, a place of poetry and enchantment, where Piccioni settles and indulges willingly. Endless spaces are for Piccioni a wandering among itineraries with idyllic stops where one perhaps wishes to linger in a contemplative restlessness.” A recent shift in Simone’s art has propelled him into the infinite world of interiors and still life. The simplest of settings, such as his grandparent’s cellar, often takes center stage for his works. “I love to paint them, crisscrossed with cuts of light that, from the windows, puts objects of every forge in the foreground which have been there for years and long forgotten – no matter how useful they are or have been. Each tool has a story, placed side by side in an ancient order, contrasted by white or black with colours mutedby stale dust.” Now living and working between Sydney and Rome, today his paintings are part of the many important private collections such as the Prince of Qatar and Bulgari, and they adorn suites of prestigious hotel chains and luxury residences all over the world. Over the years Simone has found a purpose through his paintings: committing himself to show how our society is beautiful, or how he wishes it would be seen. Even in its supposed ugliness, there is always beauty to be magnified. + Read More

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