Ian Kingsford-Smith

Ian Kingsford-Smith

Kingsford-Smith sees himself as a visual storyteller. “In my art practice,” he says, “history, personal history, memory, family records, ambitions, fantasy, dreams, mythology and spirituality” all combine to create enigmatic narratives. They are detailed but do not tell one explicit story, rather they tap into the viewer’s imagination and evoke a multitude of possible storylines. Each of Kingsford-Smith’s images evokes a larger story and meaning through his ability to play subtly with colour, line, shape and scale. Working in a variety of media, from copper etchings, wood engravings to acrylics and oils on wood, to linocuts, Kingsford-Smith says that employing such a range of materials gives him the opportunity to realise his vision and bring it vividly to life for the viewer. He has studied painting with a number of leading New Zealand painters including Colin McCahon, Michael Smither and Toss Woollaston. Spazio Tadini Museum, Milan, Italy, have acquired the Lineage (2017) artworks, man and three babies, into their permanent collection in August 2018. A finalist in the Australian Contemporary Art Award 2016 and in the permanent collection Yu Kyung Art Museum, Geoje, South Korea 2019. + Read More

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