Why Art Investor?

Having a website is like dropping your business card on the footpath. People walk past and don’t notice it. Artists and galleries face the same challenges as other business, particularly attracting traffic. Art Investor brings together different art businesses, centralizing and promoting them. Art collectors will find artworks, artists and galleries in one place.

Our Business Model

We do not believe in charging a commission. Art Investor therefore will not take a bite out of anyone’s lunch. Websites however are expensive and cannot survive on air alone. So, how does Art Investor remain financially viable? We offer a freemium service, where artists and gallerists can advertise artworks at no cost. A paid subscription will allow users to post more artworks. Other service providers can advertise for a small fee.

Our Pricing

All Art Investor Freemium accounts can display six artworks for free- No expiry – We call it a display wall.
Registered artists can purchase additional display walls (Each wall allows uploading of 6 artworks) and pay a six-monthly fee of $41.94 (GST included)

Who is behind Art Investor?

John Feitelson and Julian Parmegiani started Art Investor.

John Feitelson grew up with art. He is an avid collector and has supported artists, filmmakers and theatre productions. He even purchased Artist Profile in 2018. He is also involved in real estate which funds his artistic ventures. He is an accountant by profession. As he likes to say in his South African accent, I am neither a tough businessman or a great artist, but I recognise both. He has been friends with Julian for over 10 years and they are both odd in a good way. They decided to launch Art Investor whilst on an amazing charity cruise on HMAS Hobart In aid of the Sir David Martin foundation.

Julian Parmegiani spent his childhood in a Roman villa, surrounded by art. He moved to Australia at a young age and became a medical specialist. He had a successful career but never lost his love of the arts. Julian believes art should be part of life, and be displayed everywhere. He hopes his partnership with John will turn his dream into reality.